How to Run a Small Business (When You Have Small Children)

Finding a job or a small business that allows a flexible approach with small children is the Holy Grail for many parents. It can be a challenging balancing act that requires resourcefulness and commitment.

Managing childcare costs

Access and affordability of childcare are major issues of working parents. In Australia, 86% of mothers return to work using flexible work arrangements in order to still continue caring for their child part-time. For those days when both parents work, average childcare costs are around $113 per day in Australia before subsidies, with the daily cost skyrocketing in high-density metropolitan areas.

With such a heavy investment involved, it’s no surprise that often one parent elects to stay at home rather than go out to work.

Time with Children

For many working parents, one of the key challenges is finding quality time to spend with their children after a long day at work. It can also put strain on relationships, with couples struggling to find their own time.

Flexible Small Business the Solution for Working Parents?

For parents looking to start their own business, one solution to these common problems is to look for a business that supports their lifestyle with small children. One direction is to move into the booming child indoor play industry, which has been growing exponentially. Unsurprising when you consider that the Australian childcare services industry itself is worth over $12 billion in annual revenue and experiencing annualised growth of 14.3%.

Running a business in the child play industry gives parents the flexibility they crave – the option to take their children to work in a family-friendly environment that involves supervision as well as fun and stimulation for their kids.

Croc’s Playcentres has become a flagship franchise in the field, going from strength-to-strength since its inception in 2008. The Crocs Playcentres are brightly-lit, clean, colourful and secure fun houses for kids that have become extremely popular with parents all over the country.

Franchisees with Croc’s Playcentres have the flexibility and freedom of being their own boss, combined with the support of a national franchisor with a trusted brand image. All franchisees are given support with business training, finance plans, accredited training for the inclusive Muffin Break café offering and ongoing marketing support.

Find out more today about how you can find the perfect balance between your family and business dreams.

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