Bank Financing

Steps to Financing

What you will need:

  • A good understanding of both your financial situation, and the financial parameters of the business you’re looking to finance when you go and see the financial institution.

Financial situation:

Copy of your bank accounts, mortgages and any loans, credit cards and other financial arrangements you have.

Financial parameters:

– How much are you looking to borrow?

– How much do you project the business will turnover?

– What ROI are you projecting?


How much do I need to have for an initial investment?

Usually $650K – $800K in accessible assets (including but not limited to) equity in the home, savings, cash, shares.

How do I get financing?

Simply ask the Crocs Playcentre Development Manager in your state to put you in contact with the relevant bank contact.

What options are available?

Ask the bank what is best for your individual situation.